Portrait of a Barista

July 7, 2017
Barista is the Italian word for the skilled person who prepares coffee, especially espresso, in a coffee house.
 Portrait of a Barista

What kind of Barista would you like?

The world of coffee-making lies on the shoulders of the barista.

Customers expect the coffee served in a coffee-house to be high-quality. Likewise, the manager of the bar expects customers to be pleased with the service and come again. If the coffee served is poor, customers will not return.

Now who plays the most important role in this process? The barista, of course.

How do you recognize a Barista?

  1. Portrait of a BaristaWell, they have no specific age, appearance, or nationality. In Italy, the country where the name originates, a barista is most likely to be a man around the age of 40. In America, you are more likely to meet a young lady at the counter. But there is no guiding rule.
  2. You are always likely to find them behind the bar-counter, always ready to prepare several varieties of coffee “just for you”. By the way, did you know that this was the initial definition of espresso coffee?
  3. A skilled barista, the one you would like to prepare your cup, has several years of experience.
  4. A good barista carries out four operations to near-perfection: dosingtampingpulling and steaming.
  5. A good barista knows that no. 4 is not enough and is sometimes powerless. For example, tamping depends on the finesse of the grind. The finer the grind, the less important the tamping.
  6. A really good barista pays attention both to the quality of the coffee and its presentation.
  7. The skilled barista is capable of performing more than one operation at the same time.
  8. Your favorite barista interacts with his or her customers.
  9. A good barista can manage to make a pretty good cup with less sophisticated appliances. Needless to say, the opposite is not true.
  10. A good barista can make a flourishing business out of your modest old coffee-shop. Again, the opposite is not true.

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