The Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) Coffee Pod

July 7, 2017
The Easy Serving Espresso Pods, or ESE coffee pods, are pods manufactured by illycaffè S.p.A., the Italian coffee company. The E.S.E. design was created by illy in 1989 as a marketing effort to sell convenience in home espresso preparation. The Easy Serving Espresso system is a brand protected by the Italian ESE Consortium for Development, and is standardized within the industry to assist manufacturers with a quality standard and widen accessibility to the market. Many of the best espresso machines support both pods and ground coffee, including brands other than illy. The E.S.E. specification was intended to be an open design to encourage wide adoption.

ESE coffee pods uses

ESE coffee pods are intended for use in both coffee pod makers and espresso machines. If you are using an espresso machine, you will need a special adapter for the E.S.E. coffee pod to go in to. However, if you are using a coffee pod maker, you may be able to just toss an E.S.E. coffee pod in and get espresso out. Unfortunately, some pod coffee makers don’t work with some ESE coffee pods. To further complicate things, those who make coffee pod machines and ESE coffee pods do not always clearly label which will work with which, leaving the consumer to guess if their specific pod coffee maker is compatible. There is currently no such thing as an E.S.E. t-disc, espresso capsule, or k-cup, though you can get stronger coffees that emulate espresso to work in those machines.

ESE coffee pods composition

ESE coffee pods compositionEach pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into a food safe filter package. A double serving contains 14 grams of coffee. Pods are typically 44-45mm size for E.S.E. certified machines, in the past many USA home single-serve brewers use 55mm pods and could not use ESE coffee pods. Today there are many Espresso machines compatible for use of 45 mm diameter E.S.E Espresso standard Pod even in US and Canada. This compressed 7g ground coffee pod is producing an excellent quality of the espresso in many flavors.




About ESE coffee pods labels

Not all ESE coffee pods are labeled E.S.E., which makes finding them a little hard. Some are even labeled as espresso without being E.S.E., which means you’ll basically just get stronger coffee as opposed to coffee with the strength and consistency of espresso. Any espresso coffee pod by illy should be fine. Otherwise, it’s probably safe to assume that, even if it’s labeled espresso, if it doesn’t say E.S.E., it’s probably just stronger coffee. If you can find directions on the box, you can also look to see if there are any instructions for use with espresso machines, in which case they are very likely E.S.E.

If you own an espresso machine, you may opt to purchase ESE coffee pods for it, and that’s not a bad idea. Cleanup is a lot easier using espresso coffee pods because almost all waste is wrapped up for you in a filter. All of the coffee that you don’t use will remain unopened, and therefore fresh. ESE coffee pods do, though, produce a bit more waste in the form of the plastic wrappers that they are individually sealed in.

ESE coffee pods

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