Folgers Coffee Pods

July 7, 2017

Folgers coffee pods are the pods manufactured by the Folgers Coffee Company, which is part of the food and beverage division of  The J.M. Smucker Co, being designed for use with one cup brewing systems such as the company’s Home Cafe.

Folgers coffee pods labels

folgers coffee podsFolgers labels its pods as being part of the Home Cafe system. The Home Cafe system is really just a trademarked version of a generic pod, owned by the company that made some of the first pod coffee makers, Bunn. Make sure when you order, though, that you’re ordering the right product. There can be some confusion with a few of Folgers products. Double check that any product you plan to use with a coffee pod maker is labeled Home Cafe, and called Folgers Pods.

According to reviews, Folgers Coffee Pods are probably some of the best around, even if they’re definitely not the least expensive. It makes sense that their coffee pods would turn out pretty well Folgers had made a habit of making fairly strong coffee. Don’t even consider Folgers if you’re looking for espresso or cappuccino coffee pods as they only currently make decaffeinated or regular pods.


Folgers coffee pods system

The Folgers coffee pods system makes it easy to brew a precisely measured portion of coffee. It gives you a freshness every time you make coffee, which would only be attainable normally if you opened a can of coffee each time you brewed. The coffee pods are easy to clean up after, leaving no messy coffee grounds, soggy filters, or dirty baskets. Plus, a single cup of coffee means you won’t have the face the problem of wasting an entire pot of coffee. The Folgers coffee pods system also allows you the chance to customize the size of your cup of coffee, as well as the strength of your brew.

Folgers coffee pods flavors

Folgers coffee pods pod-coffeeFolgers coffee pods come in a variety of flavors, such as mild, medium, and dark, along with regular and decaffeinated varieties.There are four types of Folgers coffee pods that are popular, these being Folgers Classic Roast, Folgers Classic Roast Decaffeinated, Folgers Vanilla, and Folgers 100% Columbian.

Folgers Classic Roast is a product made up of the world’s finest and most aromatic coffee beans, the Mountain Grown beans. Folgers classic roast is the traditional favorite coffee drink, and the company offers this product in a case, each case containing 18 packages of Folgers coffee pods.

Folgers Classic Roast Decaffeinated is basically the decaf version of the Folgers Classic Roast, being sold in a similar package of 18 Folgers coffee pods.

Folgers Vanilla is a coffee that has a combination of both natural and artificial flavor, while Folgers 100% Columbian has a rich, full-bodied roast, being made with 100% Columbian beans. Both varieties are sold in packages containing 18 Folgers coffee pods.

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