The Self Heating Coffee Cup Finally Invented

July 6, 2017

The Self Heating Coffee Cup Finally Invented

The San Diego based company OnTech Delaware Inc. launched a 10 ounce, self heating coffee cup, that addresses the ‘on-the-go’ consumers.

The heating mechanism is not based on a electrical system, but on a chemical reaction between water and crushed limestone (calcium oxide). The can is covered by an aluminum foil at the bottom. By removing it, and pushing the plastic button inside, the water and limestone get mixed together, heating the beverage to a temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit in six to eight minutes.

The disposable container can maintain the liquid’s temperature for 20 – 30 minutes and fits in a cup-holder. OnTech uses now the Wolfgang Puck gourmet coffee brand. The self heating coffee systems will sell for $8.99 per four-pack, or about $2.25 per 10-ounce cup. This system could be adapted for any kind of hot beverage like hot chocolate, tea, soup or baby food.

Consumers cannot recharge the containers themselves, but the containers can be recycled and repackaged.

OnTech Delaware CEO Jonathan Weisz presents the self heating inside out technology as revolutionary, great and first of a kind. But it appears that it actually had a predecessor: Poway based Ontro Inc. that developed the product but got stuck on the commercial plans. The two companies are not connected in any legal or financial way, but two Ontro founders James Scudder and James Bentsen hold positions at OnTech.

Weisz said he is mostly proud of two partnerships: the one he reached with Sonoco, a South Carolina food packaging manufacturer, and with Lakeside Foods, a food-processing company.

The technology is covered by 102 patent claims filed in 32 countries, according to Weisz.

Sonoco’s plant in Wisconsin is capable of producing 40 million self-heating cans a year.

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