Coffee Appliances

July 7, 2017

Here we begin a detailed discussion over the most used coffee appliances in home and professional kitchens: roasters, grinders, coffee brewers, and espresso machines.

Here is a quick ride through the most popular coffee appliances: roasters, grinders, coffee brewers, and espresso machines. Enjoy!

Coffee roasters
Roasting the bean is the first moment in the coffee making process when you can take over. Of course, buying the beans is actually the first, but here you depend on what the coffee market offers, as it would be rather difficult to plant a coffee tree in your living room. You can choose to roast on the stove top, in the oven, in the corn-popper or a true coffee roaster. Some reviewers consider the corn-popper better than many professional roasters, if you know how to control the process. However, you can learn about roasting and helpful appliances in the coffee roasters section.

Coffee grinders
The coffee grinders or mills can be found separately, or in combination machines. There are two types of grinders: the blade type and the burr type. But the burr ones achieve the best performances in the grinding quality. They manage not to burn the coffee and provide an even grinding. But see for yourself in the coffee grinders section.

Coffee makers
The coffee makers family is really big. It includes:

* the ancient turkish ibrik: we referred to it as a stove top. It makes a very good job for a grandpa, but you need to grind your coffee very fine, using a pepper mill;
* the outdated percolator, that never managed to make a come-back after its glorious days in the twenties
* ‘the poor man’s espresso maker’ alias moka pot or stove top
* the ‘morning convenience’ drip coffee maker
* the fashionable french press
* the alchemist vacuum brewer

Espresso machines
Espresso machines, now these are serious kitchen equipment. The minimum budget to achieve one is 70$. Do we need to mention that at this price it would not be a real espresso machine? We think not. So you’d better start saving because the next decent stop is $300.

Coffee accessories
By now you’ve probably reconsidered your coffee budget several times. It wouldn’t hurt to do it once more: you have to think frothers, cleaning equipment, cups and spoons, and even more accessories for your espresso machine: tampers, timers, thermometers, trays, frothing pitches, knock boxes, descalers, shot glasses… and the list goes on and on.

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